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samedi 2 février 2013

Protein "marbré cake

hello everyHEALTHYlovers  !!

Sorry! It'has been a while since I haven't wrote anything on my blog!!
I really need to give it a priority!

I am really juggling with my 2 jobs,my study,sports,family,boyfriend,sleeping,cooking....but we all are,aren't we?It's just organization......!Yes,we have to get our butt off the couch and turn off the TV : this is WILLPOWER and also DISCIPLINE  but you gotta kown what you want right?TV and couch is good but in parsimony.... =)

However,if I am a little bit late on uploading new post on my blog you can still follow me on facebook at "Clotilde Chaumet" and on Instagram at @clotilde_chaumet I am always up to the date on them.....

SO !I have a nice recipe for you today and as always it is an easy one!!!!
I love to make healthy cakes and just trhow everything I like in a big bowl,mix and heat in the oven.....It is this easy...


  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 scoops and a half of vanilla whey protein powder, I used one from "Optimum Nutrition "
  • 3 scoops organic corn flour
  •  1/2 Tbsp baking powder
  • 1 banana cutted in smalls round pieces
  • 1 organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar (you can use less or more,it's just for the "marbré" effect but I feel that 1 bar is good)
  • 3 tsp organic peanut butter
  • 3 scoops soy milk
  • a few cashews to decorate the top
  • 1 cup organic applesauce (little less)


  1. Hit the whole chocolate bar in water-bath until it melts completetely 
  2. preheat your oven at max intensity ( 200 °c) for 20 mins
  3. in a big bowl,break the 6 eggs and only keep 2 yolks
  4. add the milk
  5. add the flour
  6. add the protein
  7. add the baking powder
  8. mix well with a fork
  9. add the peanut butter
  10. add the applesauce
  11. mix well with the fork
  12. in a cake pan,pour 1/3 of  the mixture
  13. pour some melted chocolate in the same cake pan 
  14. do the same a couple of time : mixture then chocolate....
  15. add the cashews on top
  16. cook in the oven at max intensity for 30 minutes and check at 20 minutes how he is doing.....I guess all the oven don't have same intensity....

-one thing about the chocolate bar: i chose 70% cocoa but you can take whichever you want... I just don't consider dark chocolate healthy under 70% cocoa....This is me,you can take milk chocolate,white chocolate or under 70 % cocoa,I am sure they will be delicious but it isn't just healthy in my a cheat meal yes for sure but already 70% cocoa isn't very hight and 80 or 90% would be very good too and more healthy....I just tried to make my cake eatable for my family ( my mom wouldn't eat it over 70% cocoa),also,I have fat to loose so i would have used higher pourcentage if it was just for me because le more your bar has cocoa the less the bar will have butter,sugar or oils in the better it is when you try to loose!If you are on a kind of steady place with your physique and that you aren't trying to loose fat you don't really have to have more than 70% cocoa in your bar....

-I used " scoops " in my mesures it actually is the scoop you get in the protein powder box, mine was 30 grammes.I really like to use it as a mesure tool because it's "international" ( yes we rarelly use "cups" in France!!)   =) and if you don't have It's 30 grammes as I said! But Logically if you do this recipe you have protein powder so you have a scoop! =) Also,it's very simple to mesure and it's less dishes to wash at the end!

Enjoy it with natural peanut butter,almond butter,yogurt,honey on it....bring a piece on the go in a bag,microwave it with a QuestBar on it...etc.....Whatever you want!!!
 It's great for pre or post workout too!!!!


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